Filming in Vietnam

One can easily get lost in the crowds, especially while filming in Vietnam. To make sure your video production stands out, keep your standards as high as Mount Fansipan. And rely on the experience and knowledge of a leading production fixer in Vietnam to help you with that. Seize all the opportunities and allow us to guide you through the maze of formalities. Film permits, visas, work permits, you name it – we handle it. Save time and energy and team up with Fixer Vietnam. We provide you access to the most reliable local suppliers and top-notch resources. Drop us a message for more details!

Top Production Assistance & Access For Filming In Vietnam

If you are searching for a place boasting of diversity, consider filming in Vietnam. Affordable, accessible, and telegenic, this is a South-East Asian gem. Its most eye-catching spots include bustling cities, floating markets, temples. If you are aiming for a more peaceful backdrop, the rice fields or remote villages are a great match. To ensure you get access to all these places and more, count on us.

Fixer Vietnam provides all-encompassing production assistance. Let your creativity blossom while we handle the dull tasks. We have a large pool of collaborators across the country, so whatever you need, we can find it in no time. Location manager, equipment rental, or crew for hire are all part of our portfolio. Reliable support is crucial, we know. That is why we strive to provide top-notch resources for all your filming needs.

From north to south, on sea or land, our production assistance does not fail. We carefully set all the details, so you only get the most impressive shots in any location. Old traditions, or French architecture, endless green fields, or daring skyscrapers, you pick. You choose the topic of your production and our team takes care of the rest.

Filming in Vietnam is as easy as a walk by the beach with us. Our partners deliver all the filming supplies you need. And the best part is that it will not cost you an arm and a leg. We provide top support, at the most convenient rates. Drop us a message to talk more.

Film permits Vietnam

Getting Film Permits In Vietnam

Picturesque villages, floating markets, unexpected stories. All these can be in your next video production. Filming in Vietnam may sound dreamy, but only with the required film permits. Fortunately for you, the crew at Fixer Vietnam can guide you through the maze of formalities and fees.

To find the perfect backdrop for your project, our location scout can pin some spots on the map. From here, the film permits protocols are a breeze with our guidance. 

In Vietnam, the process covers drone application or even customs clearance for gear. When you apply for film permits, you have to provide extensive details about your project. These include a daily shooting schedule, locations, local contributors, crew. Fees apply daily. For large scale projects, there is a special package basis available. Applications reach the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. There will also be at least one film officer assigned to be on set. You have to cover the costs of travel, accommodation, and catering for the officer(s). On average, getting the approval for film permits takes around 7-15 working days.

Count on Fixer Vietnam to get the film permits in time to start shooting!

Tax Rebate & Cash Incentives For Filming In Vietnam

An aspect that makes many videographers choose filming in Vietnam is cost-efficiency. Here you can get a wide array of gorgeous backdrops, access to a professional crew, and basic gear. All this, at some highly convenient rates, compared to other countries. 

One thing that still awaits improvement is the tax rebate scheme. As Vietnam is still a developing country in some aspects, so is its cinematography. Therefore, there is no incentive scheme a production company could qualify for. 

Indeed, having some financial support can be of great help for small productions. We can only hope that soon, an incentive scheme for filmmakers will come to exist. Until that moment, we are at your service. A top production fixer in Vietnam is exactly what you need to make the most of the available resources. Count on us for access to a qualified workforce or convenient rates on gear rental. We have a nationwide network of partners, so any production company can find its match. Our experience covers both small and large scale productions. We strive to meet the highest standards of quality while remaining cost-efficient. For production support tailored according to your budget and needs, trust Fixer Vietnam!

filming in Vietnam