Film Permits & Locations

Vietnam filming locations can easily accommodate any type of production. Bring your documentary filming or blockbuster project here with no worry. We can find the perfect backdrop to match your vision as fast as you can say “Ho Chi Minh”. There are endless green rice plantations and bustling cities for any taste here. Our location manager is the type of reliable team member you need to find the fastest or most scenic route. Count on our support to get the approvals needed for film permits in any chosen location. Capture the true colors of Vietnam and rely on us to be the ace up your sleeve.

Vietnam Filming Locations – Hanoi

To capture on film the unique blend of Southeast Asian and Chinese influences, come to the capital. Filming in Hanoi lets you bring to the spotlight the local French vibes too. Intertwined in this rich culture are plenty of contrasts, colors, and customs. Among the Vietnam filming locations, this region stands out with its architectural richness. You get to opt for outstanding backdrops such as the One Pillar Pagoda or Thăng Long Imperial Citadel.

Even the Temple of Literature or the Hoa Lo Prison can be a suitable setting. Tell us more about your vision and allow our location scout manager to find a perfect spot. As for the film permits necessary for filming in Hanoi, the procedures are standard. Let us help you gather all the required information, so you can get the approvals on time for shooting. Rely on our production assistance to skip the bureaucracy. Contact us today!

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Filming in Saigon

Filming in Saigon will take you by surprise with the modern embracing history. Currently known as Ho Chi Minh, this bustling city is the business capital of the country. However, shooting here can be all about French colonial architecture, highly abundant. It is in Saigon where you can get shots of a Notre Dame Cathedral. A special cathedral built entirely of materials brought across the ocean, from France.

If you are up to do a food documentary, the Bến Thành Market can provide the proper b-roll. If you want to film in private settlements or historical landmarks, approval is key. Film permits in Vietnam are necessary and applications should provide a detailed description. Fees apply as well, depending on the scale of the production, the number of people involved, and more. For any of the Vietnam filming locations, we can assist you to get the right film permit. Drop us a message to know more!

Vietnam filming locations saigon

Vietnam Filming Locations – Mekong Delta

Floating markets of Khmer pagodas, you pick. The out-of-this-world feeling passes beyond the screen while filming in the Mekong Delta. This impressive area simply cannot pass unnoticed among the Vietnam filming locations. Telegenic sceneries greet you at every step or row. The rivers and swamps maze here can provide some remarkable drone shots. Rely on Fixer Vietnam, a professional local production company for top support. Get all the filming resources you need, from local crew to gear.

Explore the rice paddies worry-free, as we handle the film permits. Anything you wish for filming in Vietnam, we make it possible. Thanks to our nationwide network of collaborators, you get access to top supplies. Get the sweetest deals on equipment rental. Rely on our experienced location scout manager to guide you through the delta. Catch on film the authentic charm of this gorgeous area. Filming in the Mekong Delta is a unique and enjoyable experience with Fixer Vietnam by your side.

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Filming in Hue

If the Forbidden Purple City sounds like a location you would like to shoot in, let us guide you. As an experienced film fixer in Vietnam, you know you can trust us to know all there is worth to see and film. We have a dedicated location scout manager that can take you to the most interesting spots, true hidden gems. Of course, film permits are another aspect we can assist with. Find your way through the jungle of paperwork and approvals with ease.

Vietnam filming locations become accessible when you have us as your production partner. While in Hue, turn your viewfinder towards the Mausoleum of Emperor Khai Dinh or Hồ Thuỷ Tiên, an abandoned water park. Or chase unique angles on the most famous attraction in the area, the Đại Nội Citadel. Deciding on just one of Vietnam’s filming locations is hard, we know. Let’s talk about filming in more then!

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